RE: #KickPaulRyanInTheNuts


For those of you following me on twitter @Bacon4Pres, you may be aware that I’m promoting a new hashtag: #KickPaulRyanInTheNuts

I’m pretty sure that I’ve made it clear to you all that I do not condone of the actions of the very first person to

Kick Paul Ryan In The Nuts,

for even suggesting that he was going to hold the debt ceiling hostage,
not to mention all the other ludicrous austerity and obstruction bullsizzle that he and his cohorts have been subjecting Americans to for the past several years…
but in case I was not clear,
my social media intern TweetBoy made this info-graphic for you:

CP Bacon absolutely DOES NOT condone of the actions of the very 1st person to #KickPaulRyanInTheNuts

It’s just a hash tag. But just in case it catches on, Paul Ryan might want to invest in a protective cup to protect the ‘family jewels’.
(this was in NO WAY a threat, just a suggestion)
Feel free to post video links of people being kicked in the nuts in the comment section.

via – Idiocracy – Ow My Balls


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