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I am C.P. Bacon - YOUR nominee for President of the United States! Together we'll return to Breakfast's finest days! LARD BLESS AMERICA! Follow me on Twitter @Bacon4Pres BIOGRAPHY: Born in a cold-smoker, this salty individual quickly grew up to become a sizzling crispy strip of political goodness. He's running for President and needs your support!

RE: #KickPaulRyanInTheNuts

CP Bacon absolutely DOES NOT condone of the actions of the very 1st person to #KickPaulRyanInTheNuts

For those of you following me on twitter @Bacon4Pres, you may be aware that I’m promoting a new hashtag: #KickPaulRyanInTheNuts I’m pretty sure that I’ve made it clear to you all that I do not condone of the actions of

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The #BACON Rules #BaconRULES – Tweeted by C.P. Bacon

The Bacon Rules #BaconRules As Tweeted by C.P. Bacon – 1) Bacon RULES! 1a) No Anti-Meat Slogans 2) All Americans are Americans, Even Bacon-Americans 3) You do NOT tweet about Fight Club!!! 3a) Forget you read rule 3) 4)

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Bacon SuperPAC – A Letter From C.P. Bacon

Bacon SuperPAC: Americans For More Bacon Tomorrow

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@Bacon4Pres Crashes The 2012 WHCD #NerdProm

advertisement In 2012, presidential candidate and crispy breakfast treat, C.P. Bacon crashed the White House Correspondents Dinner and After Parties. With much assistance from his unpaid intern, TweetBoy, he live-tweeted (twooted?) the entire ordeal. [View the story “@Bacon4Pres Crashed the

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